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ASTS International Events Management is a full events management and meeting management company. Our team of experienced specialists work behind the scenes to ensure that your specific meeting, event or convention leaves a positive impression. ASTS’s vast experience in managing conventions ranges from small indoor conventions to large outdoor conventions with over 10,000 guests. Regardless of location or size, each convention is planned with the utmost attention to detail. ASTS acts as the liaison between multiple points of contact that are necessary to execute a convention—client specified needs, equipment, exhibit house, ad agencies and staffing just to name a few. We plan and execute each convention with the goals, objectives and ideals of our clients as our main priority. Convention programs like the ones managed by ASTS International Events Management make the most of your investment dollar through strategic planning. With our corporate convention management experience, we have vast knowledge to write marketing convention plans that outline specific strategies, objectives and measurable budgets to analyze the value of the investment.

Yearly Budgets
Convention budgets are developed and maintained as required specifically by each client. Detailed budget line items vs. actual expenditure reports are created and maintained and can be broken out into various segments for analytical purposes such as drayage, freight, warehousing, in/out prep charges, show services, etc. What does ASTS Recommend? Keeping each brand’s yearly strategy in mind and working in conjunction with client’s brand team members, ASTS International Events management will research, identify and make recommendations for conventions to assist the client in completing exhibition schedules and convention budgets. ASTS International Events management continuously monitors each convention based on attendance, interactions within the front and impressions made throughout the convention.

Requests for Proposals
Our experience with various vendors is vast and unbiased. As such, our clients utilize ASTS to develop Requests for Proposals for convention-related vendors

For physical pieces, ASTS International can warehouse convention literature or work with identified partners to order literature as needed. For electronic literature, ASTS can assist in the design, development and execution of e-literature at conventions. ASTS International Events Management is equipped with, among other things, to track all literature, conduct fulfillment post conference, create and maintain inventory, rearrange inventory as needed and ensure literature is reviewed by regulate Show Services To ensure the success of the convention, ASTS International Events Management orders all necessary show services, which include but are not limited to furniture, carpet, cleaning, material handling, electrical, drayage, plumbing, rigging, etc

Lead Management
Each client’s lead management requirements differ. As such, ASTS International Events management develops convention lead plans processes based on each client’s specific needs and requirements

ASTS International Events Management analyzes client’s current processes to identify possible areas for saving initiatives and recommends to the client on how to streamline processes and implement identified cost efficiencies.

Exhibits typically require visual components to tell their story or reinforce the messaging. ASTS International Events Management is well versed in managing the development of graphics and/or e-detail media that further enhances the convention experience. In addition, ASTS International Events Management can create and manage the graphic inventory to ensure that the right visual components are taken to the appropriate show.